The right to display the work in FL portfolio suggests that all rights are transferring from the FL to the Company. Here are some situations to be aware of ...
Many photographers/videographers shoot extra footage and sell it as stock. And/or they will provide final selections made by the client and keep the other shots in reserve.
Similarly, designers might provide the final PDFs but not the native files, or provide the native files at an additional cost.
Illustrators will provide ilios to be used with a specific product. To use the illustrations more generally (as stock), the Company would pay an additional fee or return to the FL to buy the rights.
It seems that you could add value by advocating for more specific terms for the FL where applicable. Especially young FLs need to know that they can charge more if they are granting all rights and ownership.
From a business perspective, how the work will be used is critical. A droplist that specifies a selection such as editorial, retail, etc. would be another way to advocate for the FL.
Admittedly, fewer obstacles will get the proposal signed faster, but they also communicate value to the Company.