So I spent the weekend organizing my life. It was a bit brutal, until I realized I can use hectic to store a lot of my personal stuff too. However, I had to kind of ‘create my own system’ to be able to separate my work stuff and personal projects (see screenshot). Basically I made the Clients = Personal Project Category, Projects = Personal Project, Deliverable = Action Item for that project. I added 'Personal' to these clients so that I could use the filter system on the kanban board to easily see my personal projects only. But... this was a really roundabout way to do things. Totally works though now that I have it up and running!
Tags would makes this easier I think?
I may have mentioned this idea already, but it’d be awesome to be able to make different custom tags for different income streams (writing, yoga, reiki, etc) and even a tag for personal projects would be awesome so that people wouldn’t to use a different app for those projects. My personal projects often overlap with professional things so it makes sense to keep them all in one place.
This might also be a way to link a note and/or a to-do to a client - just add the client tag to the note or to-do? Just an idea. I know I requested that feature somewhere along the line.
Thanks for all you do!